Srixon Soft Feel White 12 Ball Pack

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    Srixon Soft Feel 12 Ball Pack
    This next generation golf ball is now longer, softer and better than ever before, offering full value for your money and all-round performance.

    The Soft Feel 2018 Golf Ball Features:

    • Soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core
    • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
    • Softer Feel
    • Even More Distance

    Soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core

    The Soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core provides the golfer with an even softer feel. The ball is softer in the centre and firmer on the outside than all previous generation balls, providing a high launch off the tee, with low spin for even more distance performance.

    Softer Cover & 338 Speed Dimples

    The new soft golf ball cover provides more control around the green, and has been re-designed with a 338 Speed Dimple pattern, this aerodynamic pattern helps to reduce drag for a more penetrating flight, to give extra distance on full shots.
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